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  • Serial locked
    We certainly understand your situation and can help resolve this issue.Your account is locked because you have reached your maximum authorization limit for your library. This can be due to multiple reasons. As defined in our license agreement, you are limited to 2 machine authorizations and if you wish to have more than 2 computers authorized, an additional license must be purchased.If you have replaced an old machine or reformatted your current machine, your account may be locked. In order for us to resolve this particular issue, please do the following:1) Login to Service Center on the registered computer(s) that you wish to keep the authorization active. 2) Navigate to the overview tab. 3) Click the down arrow on "Show Details" for all Sample Logic products that are in question. 4) Copy the system ID(s) and Activation Key(s) for the active computer(s) you wish to continue using our products on. 5) Reply back to this e-mail address and paste the system ID, Activation Key and Serial Number information and send it to us.Once we receive your response, we will de-authorize any additional computers we have on record that are not in use. This will unlock your account.
  • Where's my download
    You should have received a secondary email with instructions on how to download.If you do not see this email, please first check your spam / junk mail. If still nothing, please provide us with an alternate email address that we can deliver the download to.
  • Can I delete my .rar files?
    Once you have completely finished your download and have successfully installed and used the product in Kontakt, It is safe to assume that the product unarchived properly and you can delete the original .rar parts that you downloaded.
  • Where are the graphics in my multi instruments?
    Easy fix. Navigate to the product samples folder, there you will find a "Move contents to Kontakt pictures folder". select all the files in that folder and transfer them to: For PC: C://Program Files/Common Files/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/pictures For Mac: /Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/pictures Then relaunch Kontakt and load up a multi. It should work now with the GUI.
  • Where is my serial #?
    Your serial number will be the same number you received via e-mail and used to activate the download.
  • How many computers can I install my product on?
    A single purchase of a product is good for up to 2 machine authorizations, after this, additional addon licenses MUST be purchased. For pricing please contact us.
  • Kontakt is missing files when I try to load an instrument
    In most cases, the downloader did not completely finish and unarchive all of the files. Please resume the download application and allow it time to finish downloading and unarchiving all of the files. You will be prompted with a popup in the downloader indicating that the download is completed.
  • How can I change my download location and start all over with my download?
    In the download application, once you enter your activation code, hold the shift key down when you press the "Download" button. This will allow you to choose a new destination to download from scratch.

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